Bryan Keith Abrams (b. November 16, 1969) is a 30-year entertainment veteran, best known for his “blue tone,” or rhythm-and-blues-styled vocals, and as the founder, original lead vocalist and frontman for music group Color Me Badd.

Writing songs with crossover ability to simultaneously chart both the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Hot R&B charts, Abrams spear-headed Color Me Badd’s success throughout the 1990’s with three #1 (Hot 100 & Hot R&B combined) hits and several others in the Top 20 around the world, thereby setting records for Color Me Badd as a multi-platinum RIAA-certified recording artist with over 12+ million albums sold worldwide. Color Me Badd toured heavily in the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia, Canada and the U.K. with Abrams as its frontman.

Abrams is highly esteemed amongst industry executives, peers and fans alike with numerous accolades, including two Grammy nominations, three American Music Awards, two Soul Train awards and many others.

With a variety of songs placed in a diverse portfolio of radio, TV, commercials, soundtracks and film, Abrams’ voice is recognizable across virtually all genres and demographics. Abrams also has starred as himself in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 (1992), a reality TV series, Mission: Manband (2007), Rock & A Hard Place (2008), appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil (2019), and a variety of talk shows, such as Jimmy Kimmel, The View, Jay Leno and more. 

After suffering for 25 years from alcoholism, Abrams is now in his third year of celebrating recovery, dedicating his life to addiction awareness and mental healthcare advocacy, focusing on issues affecting minorities, marginalized and underserved communities, as well as philanthropy work.

Abrams is currently preparing to tell his story by releasing material from a vault of unreleased solo music he’s written, produced and recorded, a documentary and an autobiography, detailing the murder of his father, childhood traumas, the rise and fame of Color Me Badd, numerous struggles with police arrests, family issues, health crises, addictions, his decision to leave Color Me Badd and more. Already cleverly titled, the upcoming project aims to serve as inspiration and empowerment tool for men and women who, in spite of their situation and struggles, can reach their dreams and accomplish anything, including identity, healing and happiness—a mantra that challenges our culture by teaching us, sometimes, our actions are merely what we do and not who we are.

Abrams is married, has three children, resides in his original hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is proud citizen of the Choctaw Nation.